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5 Essential Tips for your 2019 Marketing Plan

5 Essential Tips for your 2019 Marketing Plan

We are in the digital age and it’s no longer a surprise to know that more and more sales are starting online. In this MUST READ here are 5 quick steps you MUST DO to ensure your marketing plan is strong enough for 2019.

You’re going to learn what it takes to get new customers buying your products or taking your service up this year. So let us jump into it straight away. We are going to find out what it takes for you to make the perfect marking plan for 2019.

Number 1. Competitor Analysis & Environment

I personally ignore on what my competitors are doing and focus however, it is not a bad idea to occasionally review your strategy and know what is happening around you. So to make your life easier is a list of competitive analysis tools that you can use to compare your website to your competition. When ever we are analysing competitors we almost always use some of the tools below. While I mainly use SEMrush, Ahrefs, and MOZ you might find that other tools suit your needs more. These are great tools and as a result of using them you have a large insight to your competitors. Now you will certainly have a good what they are doing online and how they are performing. Ultimately these tools will really aid you in your 2019 digital marketing plan.

marking plan tools

We need to remember to think about the trends in your market, competitors weaknesses and strengths both offline and online. Next we want to really brainstorm what sets us apart from the competitors and what is our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Let us also think about how we can use this to gain customers. All of this is really important for your marketing plan for 2019. If you need a hand at any point just give us a call on 01332 581 111 or contact us by filing in a quick form online here.


Number 2. Target Audience & Goals

Marketing tools come with an unlimited amount of opportunities. But to make the most of these amazing tools we need to know who we are targeting. The next step is clarifying who our target audience is.

Demographics is the next step required to define our audience, we need to understand our standard customers though processes and how they make decisions.

Number 3. Digital Strategy

First of all we need decide that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the method of exposure or if we need to explore the avenue of paid advertising campaigns. Once the campaign is live we need to constantly monitor the results and make adjustments if required. One of the changes might be the targeted demographics.

Number 4. Gaining New Sales

With all of the above you should start seeing the rewards in form of new sales. However, there are still more ways to bring in additional sales. We can also start focusing on creating a sense of security for the customer. Offering product videos is a way to show the potential customer exactly what they will be receiving. In addition to all a video you might also want to add your own guarantee on the product such as extended returns or a longer warranty. All of this will help to gain new sales and is imperative to include in your marketing plan.

Number 5. Creating Loyalty and Retaining Customers

creating a loyal customer

Well done. All of the above has delivered you with a sale. But now it is time that we keep the customer coming back. How do we do this? This all depends on the product or service you offer. If you run a clothing store you might offer a discount for returning or email the customer when a new product has launched. If you run a car garage you might want to look at how you can offer an annual service.

Need help with your 2019 marketing plan? Drop us a message here or contact us.


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