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11 Steps to turn visitors into customers on your website

Maybe your website is being found. Maybe you’re getting thousands of monthly visitors and even paying for the privilege with pay per click (PPC) ads. But for some unknown reason you aren’t getting thousands of sales. Let me give you a helping hand. Here are 11 steps to convert your visitors into loyal customers.

1. Homepage

Let’s start at the beginning. What is the first thing your customer sees? The homepage. Does it catch your eye and tell the customer exactly what your brand is about? If not, a good proportion of your visitors have already gone elsewhere faster than it’s taken you to read my first point.

2. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

Too much clutter on your website will baffle your visitors’ brains. Make it easy on the eye. Focus on allowing the customer to find the information they require and make use of menus to organise your content effectively. The image on the right is a perfect example of how not to build a website!

cluttered website
yellow pages

3. Ease of navigation

Why do people go online? It’s meant to be quick and easy. If your website is harder to navigate than the yellow pages you’ve defeated the objective for going online in the first place.

4. Site load speed

Does your website load slower than Sid the sloth? You can have the best website in the world but if it takes more than a few seconds to load up you can wave goodbye to a bucket-load of customers. Call us today on 01332 581111 to find out how we can help you increase your load speed!


5. Customer journey

You’ve got a visitor onto your website and they know a little about your brand already. What next? Can they easily ask questions about your product/service? Can they book an appointment, buy your product and find out how soon it will be delivered? Your task is creating a website that allows a customer to do practically everything they could do by visiting a store, all from the comfort of their own home. You should look to include some of the following features to aid your customer:

  • FAQ
  • Contact form
  • Live chat
  • Delivery tracking
  • Online shop experience

6. Correct use of images

Images are great! Not only can they help showcase your impressive selection of products and events your company has been involved with, they also keep people interested and can be used instead of large blocks of text. Imagine you want to tell a customer the order process for your website. Instead of a FAQ style text block you can make a very simple flow diagram with images to illustrate your point. Don’t forget that 65% of humans are classed as visual learners. Images really do help! But please remember this too: Google and other search engines are in fact blind to images. Using alt text to label each image will make these images visible to search engines and not just your visitor.


7. Videos

Videos, like images, are a great way to keep your customer engaged and demonstrate the full potential of the products your customers can buy. They are great for anyone averse to reading too! With the click of a button you can sit back, relax and absorb information that’s written on your page or simply engage more with what I’m about to buy. If I was looking at a pair of skis and saw an awesome video on the page of someone trying them out and doing cool tricks I wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to see what the hype is about!


8. Headings

The heading above probably caught your attention before the sentence you’re reading right now. A lot of your website content will be irrelevant to visitors no matter how good it is. Headings allows the average person skim-reading your site to find the essential piece of information they searched for in a matter of seconds.

9. Relevant landing pages

Imagine you’re looking for football boots online. You want to see a selection of football boots in a couple of clicks and then be able to purchase them. A sports store homepage showcasing their latest running shoes, kayaks and badminton rackets is not where you want to land. Make sure your customer lands on a page that is relevant and they can go on to purchase your product with just a couple more clicks.

10. Promotions

So you’ve nailed the landing page; your customer has searched for football boots on Google, clicked on your link and now they have a selection of boots in front of them and ready to purchase. Not only that but there’s a 30% off promotion until the end of the month. What more could they ask for?! Consider those boots sold! This works for other services too- free trials if you want to ‘try before you buy’ for instance on an internet security package.

11. CTA (Call to action)

You’ve seen them everywhere. ‘Sign up for our free newsletter’ ‘Call now to book an appointment’ the list goes on… Web designers use CTAs because, if used correctly, they really do work. Let’s say your customer has just purchased a wildlife camera from your website. Giving them a call to action along the lines of ‘Sign up for our free wildlife photography newsletter today’ keeps them interested in your company, increases their product satisfaction and the likelihood they will return to make further purchases.

So there you have it, 11 easy steps to turn your website into the ultimate conversion tool. Need a boffin to do it for you? Sit back, relax and call us now on 01332 581111 to discuss how we can help!

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